Fix Call Of Duty Cod Continuously Updating and Install Issues

Fix Call Of Duty Cod Continuously Updating and Install Issues

Fix Call Of Duty Cod Continuously Updating and Install Issues. hey everyone how are you so we are back I told you that we would be call of duty likes to break stuff and give us packs it’s called the game before the game watch it like like a laura croft um kind of puzzle you must solve.

it’s not just a first person shooter it’s a real puzzle on how to understand how to get these packs and get them to works.

so this is the last update from april 2021 hopefully this corrects your download update loop problem and just gets all game modes that have worked for you for Last update.

I have several artical so there are others call of duty issues please check out my channel if you have any problem with suspension of installation or content unavailable or store not available I hope I can get it you the right solution for your particular situation.

ps4 standard edition

this latest update and i’m on ps4 standard edition and i have the digital game that i will check out this also on a record game this afternoon I hope and see if it’s different if it’s I will post another artical once it starts, we will have this update requires restart.

we see that every time we start this game so it’s nothing nothing new to any of us there is something new with the latter update and once it restarts you get this new screen showing hard disk storage optimization I think this latest update tries to replace your installs.

because they made such a bad job to send us these packs last couple years, we transformed a game that essentially a set of 50 gigs in 700 gigs Thu they decided to replace these packs with this new pack now we have to suppose that we don’t have any packs.

you need to install the whole pack

and that’s what we will go when I say pax when I let’s say you need to install the whole pack it must have at least the data packs basic data packs and it must have the packs for the mode you are trying to play we also have modern warfare texture packs.

i’m on the standard ps4 so I won’t install the ones I cover in a a different video from mine but i won’t worry about it because I don’t need it to play Thu and black ops cold war here is the packs for that I don’t even have black cold war ops ok.

so i won’t install any of the these and if you don’t own the black operations, the cold war please do not assume that if you download these packs, you will have all suddenly being able to play cold black ops war it is not the case it doesn’t work like that I don’t know why they put them here.

the packs for modern war

Fix Call Of Duty Cod Continuously Updating and Install Issues. I will install all the packs for modern war so here you just hit x and this brings you to this new game installation screen we have modern war game packs here I see those installed some of them are not installed if I click on one of these it is not installed that will bring me to that Play station Store screen.

and with inside this Play station Store screen I see that I have some download arrows i can click on it packs and download them and like i said.

i will download all modern war packs so i don’t have a problem i hope i won’t after doing this those with the most and the little bars next to them,

that said pre-order doesn’t even know what that means i’m sure cod neither But I’m going to assume it’s already download or it is already downloaded so let’s move on to this next one one here it tells you on the right what the the actual pack is two of them that I can’t install at all some among these have arrows on them to download them,

so if I click on it this one has not been updated it did not give me the symbol of the most and the menu on the left there was still an arrow saying that I could download it so i click on it again and i get this error it just says that the following content has already been added to downloads ok that’s good.


my downloads and let’s check it out so let’s go click x on it here is all that is download we have a campaign pack wait to install we have survival the pack is download some of these other packs have already installed back to our game.

we’re going to hit circle and all these i have arrows next to them I click on it and keep downloading that now if we climb to the top here those who say nothing and click on the ones they bring us to the Play station Store also but a different screen.

now these give me the opportunity to download indicates that it is required for campaign mode and special ops so let’s download this also just click on the download button and hit the circle and it says download in progress and now it says not installed here.

ok so let’s review and install these in the list click on it, click on download exon and i think it’s the packs that cause the download loop if you don’t have it campaign pack I think this is causing a many people have this download loop this asks you to download new packs each the moment you start the game.

download all these hit circle

so we will go through this list and download all these hit circle in the process of purchasing download this one so now we said it not installed and we know they download and we have the ones below them finally say installed uh if you click on one,

it gives you the uninstall option, we’ll just cancel this go back to the main screen it says missing data pack keep the Play station button pressed and I can see my notifications what is downloaded and indicated for download and now a little warning.

i won’t close the game I will not allow the download in idle mode because there is another problem that occurs with the call of duty where if you close the app or you start a different game mode or start another game while it is being downloaded to the Context.

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