Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Not Boring

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Not Boring

guys this is the moment of truth we’ve been waiting for something to come to black ops cold war that will make this game fun again i literally write a artical called black ops cold war is boring i’ve never said this for any other call of duty game except for maybe black ops 4.

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do we finally have a brand new game mode that might be able to save this game my answer to that question today is
maybe i mean i haven’t played it yet i’m gonna go with the veteran from the us M3RK all right welcome back what’s up guys this is burp music.

welcome to 12 v 12 mosh pit in black ops cold war with the season three refresh i’ve been distracted with the car of two and i also got distracted with party games but treyarch also recently added 12 v 12 mosh pit it’s a pretty straightforward mosh pit playlist you get 12 v 12.

Team Death Match Domination

you can play team death match domination hard point and confirmed but what makes this playlist interesting is the
maps that you actually play 12 v 12 on you can get yemen to you can get Miami strike crossroads nuke town raid express apocalypse garrison.

and diesel now i am going to be playing this in hardcore because i think you can hit some insane feeds doing 12 v 12 on like nuke town and stuff and even though this is gonna be my very first time playing this 12 v 12 mosh pit mode i’m gonna go on a limb and say that this is actually gonna make the game fun.

Game Is Gonna Be 12 v 12 Hardcore

i just kind of intuitively know that this is gonna be a good thing for the game our first game is gonna be 12 v 12 hardcore tdm on yemen to i mean i don’t know how this is going to go i wonder if they increase the kill limit too it’s ridiculous hope the spawns are flipping.

this is gonna be crazy oh my god there’s so many they just keep piling out over here what the i don’t understand any part of this this is crazy i really enjoy this so far though man like this is awesome especially for hardcore too this makes everything feel a lot more lively oh i got play hell yeah let’s go destroyed.

merc is currently 30 off of g field from now up until i think the 17th if i grouped up the dates i’ll get it right with the editing but yeah check the only thing that worries me a little bit about trying to go for massive feeds in this mode is
that there’s just gonna be so much going on that.

Battlefield The Possibility For Launcher Quad Feeds

it’s gonna be really hard to actually see all your kills in the kill feed this is the main reason i wish call of duty still had the feature to only show your kills in the kill feed kind of like battlefield the possibility for launcher quad feeds oh my god i didn’t even think about that yo i still have yet to hit an rpg or sigma quad.

i really hope i can get nuked i mean that’s what i really want to play i want to see how crazy this shit’s gonna be can i really feel like ricochet should be on for like how many people are in here their whole team is just like waiting back here what the i can’t move in hardcore ah come on their team.

just camps they’re not even trying to push for b this could be so much better all you have to do is move great yeah you can stand in the back cool it’s making this so much fun wow i mean look they’re just standing in there it’s like in front of you.

Team Killed

the fact that they’re calling out is just so sad all they’re doing is camping anyway we’re gonna flip them and then they’re already gonna start camping the other side again this is disgusting why am i i’m team killed come on i’m stopped before i can have any fun in this game.

i like it so far though i think this is actually gonna be really good for the game i hope this is something that they actually keep and it’s not just like temporary oh my god treyarch please add ricochet to the hardcore version of this like good lord.

i don’t know why i just realized that this is basically just groundwater except instead of 9 v 9s 12 v 12 team killed again it took me so long to realize that because we haven’t consistently gotten ground war like to come back and call
duty games in modern warfare 2019 ground war went by a completely different name is a different thing.

World Of War Modern Warfare 2

but back in the good old days of the old call of duty like in cod 4 world of war modern warfare 2. ground water was just 9 v 9 and it was something we consistently got in our games. camping back there and that was the one guy to stop me.

i’m so pissed i could’ve had so many this game mode has so much potential but the only people doing well are campers oh my look how many there are like that’s amazing i’ll get my turn i swear i’m just getting warmed up i can smell the food karina’s cooking through the vents and it smells so good.

what are you doing i got sniped i don’t know if i can handle these lobbies i nope nope nope nope nope nope i can’t suffer through hardcore dom on garrison again i see that this mode has potential i don’t want to write it off too fast and granted. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Not Boring.

i’m playing hardcore so you know there’s going to be a lot more camping and stuff but i want to hit some feeds oh come on there was another one there yo i’m really hoping that calvade can continue with this trend because when they push for these bigger team modes and it’s gonna make it more competitive with battlefield and there’s talks that the

battlefield 6

trailer is gonna be coming up next month i mean i can’t wait there’s rumors that battlefield 6 is gonna have like 128 player modes and that’s sounding beautious i’m sorry what we’re gonna get the other side but i hope it’s better barely got to push out at all that whole time.

what where am i getting shot from that’s the crazy thing about playing this mode in hardcore like you’ll just get shot
from nowhere like you have no clue i’m hopping can’t kill me no i’ll just pop it out of spawn dude what the got a warp i’ve got kill streaks.

i can’t use them overload this game’s engine cannot handle this i’m actually really surprised the game hasn’t crashed yet come on i know this is where you come from i could just shoot you through the wall this shit’s about to be over though i mean i dropped 60 kills 160 to 40 not bad.

i’m gonna do 12 v12 in core though to see how it is that’s why you do the whole game nice am i just destined to never play nuke town for this mode i just want to see how it plays on new town you know like even if it’s gonna be i just wanna know oh that stir-fry smelling so good in the corner,

Corner And Shoot

is this all anyone does is go to a corner and shoot you okay so one thing i’ve noticed between both playing hardcore and core is that everyone does the same thing which is really crazy because it just shows how bad the camping is everybody just goes to the same choke points.

they just sit around and can’t wait for you to run out and die that’s it there’s nothing else that can possibly happen in this mode because everyone has the mindset of camping love your merch thanks man i wish i was enjoying this mode more though there’s too much.

it’s all good what was that sound like a dying animal i know i’m getting salty about 12 12 but i just taste tested the  stir-fry that karine is cooking in oh i’m moister than a cloister after trying it hardcore dominant express i mean at least it’s something different oh there you are okay good lord.

Get Tomahawk By a Team Mate

i’m gonna just get tomahawk by a team mate like good jesus dude i was on a streak let’s go got the guys straight  friend coming in i actually like this on express it’s pretty good there you go laughs okay there’s another one oh wait what where are they coming from this shit’s crazy are you kidding me of all things to die from my stupid,

ass they didn’t realize the train was coming i was so focused eric you dumbass i don’t even know how i bumped around that guy that was ridiculous okay big ass streak going just ruined it to pull out the launcher 56 to 11 at the half jesus oh my god they actually spawned there so what oh my lord.

what i can watch him spawn this is crazy the spawns are not ready for this mode and it’s amazing oh and there’s a quad oh boy there’s the quad feet of the video oh there it is 100 kills that was 100k right there there’s someone else back oh no,

dude 106 kills 30,000 score even i mean is that the cap i don’t even know i destroyed that game again i think there’s gonna be some amazing feed potential for 12 v 12 i didn’t necessarily hit anything though but i mean 100 plus kills right there that says a lot this mode 100 has potential, and it could make cold war not boring but that’s gonna do it for this artical thank you guys very much for reading this artical. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Not Boring.

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