Biggest PS5 Games Confirmed For Summer 2021

Biggest PS5 Games Confirmed For Summer 2021

Biggest PS5 Games Confirmed For Summer 2021. Here are 16 more PS5 titles coming out this year. To see the complete list, visit my website of all upcoming PS5 games. These games are arranged by release dates.

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1. Control:

Supernatural forces, powerful jedi powers and it’s from the same creators behind Alan Wake? Control is a great game that will only get better with their upcoming PS5 upgrade, especially now with ray tracing and all the DLCs packed into one. Hopefully you can body your enemies in 4K, when it releases on February 2, 2021.

2. Werewolf The Apocalypse:

Earth blood At least this year we get to play as an eco-terrorist with the powers of lycanthropy. That’s not something we see everyday. Earth blood  is like Twilight on steroids, instead of the good ol’ teenage romance, it’s all about warring factions between Vampires and Werewolves in a struggle for power. It comes out on February 4.

3. NiOh Collection

One of the biggest Samurai games in recent memory is coming out in an all-in-one package for the PlayStation 5 this February 5th. Anyone who missed out on the adventures of the weeb swordsman and their custom-built warrior can finally play NiOh 1 and 2, including all the DLCs. It’s no Sekiro, but hey, it’s still a fun samurai game.

4. Yakuza:

Like A Dragon Everyone loves Yakuza. Anyone who doesn’t, clearly never played it. This PlayStation 5 upgrade comes with some visual and performance improvements, but the content will remain the same. There’s still the fun batshit crazy goodness Yakuza has to offer, but this time, it’s going pure JRPG with its turn-based format. It’s set to release on March 2.

5. Terminator:

Resistance – Enhanced This March 26, Terminator’s army of time travelling robots will take over the PlayStation 5
with this Enhanced edition that will bring out the murdering cyborgs to near perfection. Sure, it’s not the Terminator game we’ve been looking for, but at least this means the franchise is still open to making new games.

6. It Takes Two:

Also releasing on March 26th. Who needs couples therapy when you can have a co-op game for you and your partner? Sort out your differences together and solve a myriad of puzzles that always requires both heads. It’s creative, fun and it requires more than just teamwork. If this doesn’t rekindle those dying flames, I don’t know what else will.

7. Praey For The Gods:

This huge action-adventure has been starting to make a name for itself since it began being beta-tested by Steam players in 2019. If you enjoyed the breadth of exploration of Shadow of the Colossus, Praey for the Gods feels like
it will be right up your alley. It still needs some work, but it’s coming out to the PS5 early this year.

8. Disco Elysium:

There is literally no reason for you not to play one of Steam’s most well-written RPGs. Fans of visual novels and long-texts will find something special in Disco Elysium. It’s coming out to the PlayStation 5 this first quarter and it comes
with a fully voice-acted story this time around. Nothing beats sitting around and hearing characters regret the decisions we make for them.

9. Guilty Gear:

Strive The first for the second quarter of 2021. Arc System Works will be on the shelves on April 9 with another masterfully crafted fighting game coupled with their gorgeous art style. Strive is pretty much the same Guilty
Gear, but with some new characters and a bunch of new tech that pro players are gonna spend half of their lives learning.

10. Hood:

Outlaws And Legends One of the few games that train you to become professional thieves in the comforts of your golden gaming chairs. A combination of PvE and PvP, Hood teams you up with friends to engage in dangerous Medieval heists or outplay other teams. It has loot, replay value, full-time dev support and an official release date of May 10.

11. LEGO Star Wars:

The Sky walker Saga We’ll get to experience the way Star Wars is meant to be experienced.. In LEGO. You’ll be free to relive your favorite moments with the Galaxy’s most messed up family in charming LEGO style. All 9 episodes with no dialogue and no drama… just crazy blocky shenanigans that almost always don’t make sense at all. It’s set to release sometime mid 2021.

12. Back 4 Blood:

Valve’s Left for Dead may never get its elusive Part Three, but the former devs behind the iconic zombie-survival multiplayer are making their own game about blowing undead heads. As always, being with friends will improve the experience. Without Valve lifting a finger, we’ll get the Left for Dead 3 we needed on June 22, 2021. Biggest PS5 Games Confirmed For Summer 2021.

13. Five Nights At Freddy’s:

Security Breach The animatronics are still working their asses off 24/7 to scare the crap out of us. Kids and Markiplier fans will definitely find something new in Security Breach now that the graphics will be better and the jump scares more twisted. Who knows what lore is hidden under this new chapter? No release has been announced yet but it is expected to release sometime this year.

14. Sherlock Holmes:

Chapter One The world’s greatest detective gets another version of his story and it won’t be Robert Downey Jr nor Benedict Cumberbatch. In Chapter One, we witness the early days of the cocky detective before he met his John Watson. We don’t know for certain when but we can expect the open-world puzzler sometime in 2021.

15. MARVEL’s Avengers:

Square Enix’s ambitious superhero slash looter RPG is currently on life support due to dwindling player numbers and a severe lack of content. Just recently, they added Hawkeye but that didn’t feel like it bumped up the numbers.  Let’s hope the PlayStation 5 version this year will be the game’s saving grace. Biggest PS5 Games Confirmed For Summer 2021.

16. Cyberpunk 2077:

Definitely one of last year’s most polarizing games. 2077’s disastrous launch on Consoles left an indelible mark on CDPR’s reputation. A PS5 upgrade is in the works and hopefully the game breaking bugs and glitches will finally
get fixed when it rolls out this year.

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