Hitman 3 – Season of Pride 2021

Hitman 3 – Season of Pride 2021

Hitman 3 – Season of Pride 2021. Hey everyone! I want to tell you what’s coming up in HITMAN 3’s Season of Pride. We’ve got new content, returning favorites and a lot to get excited about. My name is Fahad, and welcome to the Season of Pride.

Following on from the Season of Greed, we’re entering the Season of Pride – The second act in the Seven Deadly Sins is here. The Pride Profusion is a new Escalation that has multiple approaches depending on your actions that trigger unique dialogue.

Find the peacock, listen to your inner sin and choose your own path to unlock unique rewards. You’ll unlock: The Narcissus Suit, The Majestic, The Proud Swashbuckler And the best thing is: you can play it today!

That’s the DLC for this season, but there’s even more Pride inspired content coming your way. Here’s all the free content coming for HITMAN 3 owners in the Season of Pride.

May 10: Escalation Contract The Sebastian Principle

If you’re new to Escalations, The Sebastian Principle will be the perfect place to start. Sebastian Sato has been too proud for his own good, and hangs out in the Gold Bar in Dubai, obviously. Nothing but gold and luxury is good enough for Sebastian. Teach him a lesson. With Poison.

May 12 HITMAN 3 Elusive Target: The Iconoclast

The Next HITMAN 3 Elusive Target arrives in Mendoza on May 12th. Your target is in the same business as you, but has unfortunately, for her, she made an enemy out of her old handler. She was too proud to share the stage with anyone and wanted it all for herself.

She’s now in Mendoza to get new clients to her own little – let’s call it “startup”. Show her who’s the best in the business. Good luck.

May 14: The Icon

The Icon is next stop on the Free Location Rotation and will be available for all owners of HITMAN 3 and the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack. The little coastal town of Sapienza has been turned into a movie set, where the washed up movie actor and director Dino Bosco is fighting for his comeback.

Bosco’s constant needs for reshoots and drive for perfection has pushed the comeback movie behind schedule and way, way over budget. This has made him quite unpopular…. This is where YOU come into the “picture”..

May 20 Featured: Contracts by Spawn On Me

First batch of pride inspired contracts will be created by SpawnOnMe. We gave them a theme, but how will they interpret this? Launch Hitman 3 on May 20 – and find out!

May 27: Escalation Contracts

The Pasquel Consortium: In Mendoza there is a little Snipers nest. This escalation is all about exploiting that nest. You need to take control of Falcon, and have them eliminate your targets. So… only one thing left to say: “Falcon I have a target request”. Hitman 3 – Season of Pride 2021.

May 28: Free Paris

From May 28 to June 6 Paris is free for all owners of HITMAN 3, and the HITMAN 3 free starter pack! – It’s time to explore the beautiful city of love like never before. Dive deep into the Showstopper Mission, create contracts in Paris, or just play around with escalations. Paris is your oyster for 10 days. Enjoy!

June 4: Paris Elusive Target

The Black Hat. Owen Wagner is your target, and he is the best black-hat hacker in the world – or at least he’s too proud to deny it. You have no intel on his whereabouts or looks, other than he’s in Paris – and he’s really fond of a special Alabama jam…

June 10: Featured Contracts by The Hitman Community

We know you’ve been waiting for this, and we’re proud to confirm it. Community Created Contracts are back! And on June 10, the first community batch will be available in HITMAN 3! How will they interpret Pride? Well, I guarantee you, you wanna check these out. As you can read in this artical, the Season of Pride is full of new, awesome content to play for all HITMAN 3 Players.


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