10 Reasons Why You Need To Play The Outriders Demo In 2021

10 Reasons Why You Need To Play The Outriders Demo In 2021

10 Reasons Why You Need To Play The Outriders Demo In 2021. You want a demo? Oohhh, we’ll give you a demo…! Ever since we first revealed Outriders last year, We can confirm that there will be a public demo for Outriders coming February 25th 2021. And this won’t merely be a single quest or a 30-minute snippet.

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Nope. This demo will feature the entire opening chapter of Outriders, no holds barred. It is huge! With around three hours of gameplay and brimming with content and things to do that will give you a great idea of what the full game has to offer. Almost looks like home…That’s what worries me. And if you needed any further persuading,

Here are 10 reasons why you need to play the Outriders demo

Number One:

Find your Class. All four classes in the game: Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator and Technomancer will be available for you to play through the demo with to experiment and find your perfect class. Will you be a tank Pyro or a DPS Devastator?

Mix and match abilities. Give them a test run and find what suits you. And there are hours of gameplay to be had
by putting all the classes through their paces. Once you finish with the Technomancer, for example, why not go back and see what the Trickster has to offer? You’ll need to pick a class before playing co-op,. which brings us on to…

Number Two:

Multiplayer This is the first time you’ll not only be able to hop into the world of Enoch, but with the help of your friends too! Outriders supports up to a three-player team to tackle missions, explore the world and progress through the story together.

You can find a matchmaking terminal in your camp if you’re looking for squadmates, but don’t worry If you jump into a lobby in which a player is further ahead in the story than you, the game will warn you before you fully join
to avoid any spoilers.

More info on matchmaking and online play can be found in episodes 2 and 3 of the Outriders broadcast so check those out if you haven’t already. 10 Reasons Why You Need To Play The Outriders Demo In 2021.

Number Three:

Cross-play Following on from multiplayer, is that the demo will support a complete cross play experience. This lets you play the demo with your friends and other players no matter what system they’re on. The demo will have cross-play turned off by default,

as it’s still a beta version, but just head over to the options, switch it on and you’ll be good to go. PlayStation , Xbox series X|S, PlayStation , Xbox one and Steam on PC No matter your preferred platform, you can play Outriders together.

Number Four:

Transfer your Progress If you try out the demo and decide to go all in for the full game you won’t lose your progress so far and can transfer it across. This even includes if you play the demo on current gen and then buy the full Outriders experience on next gen as players will receive a free upgrade to PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S versions. Don’t say we never give you nothing…

Number Five:

An Epic Journey The Outriders demo showcases the prologue of the game, which introduces the entire story. This is a true RPG at its core. All right tell me the truth.  You think the ECA’s thought  this whole plan through?

A mystery hides at its center. Where is this strange signal coming from? What does it mean? The demo will give you a sample of the epic journey you’re about to undertake…10 Reasons Why You Need To Play The Outriders Demo In 2021.

Number Six:

Side Quests We won’t restrict you to just the main campaign in the demo it’s swarming with side quests, which are replayable and  will adapt loot and enemy skill to your current character level. Feel free to take on other missions from NPCs and really dig into the layers of  this environment and its inhabitants.

What happened here? What does it fucking look like? We got mutilated… Side quests won’t all be unlocked immediately though. Certain ones have criteria to meet before you can tackle them with some only becoming available once you’ve defeated the Solar Tower Boss. See if you manage to find and complete them all!

Number Seven:

Weapons Shooting is interwoven in the DNA  of People Can Fly as a studio, with gunplay classics like Bulletstorm,  Gears of War Judgement and Painkiller Outriders is a continuation of satisfying shooting… You might notice that you can dismantle weapons that don’t take you fancy in exchange for parts.

Also you may well come across ore deposits throughout the demo. These both relate to the expansive modding you can unlock later on in your journey within the full game. Remember Saves are transferred within the same ecosystem,

so feel free to mine to your heart’s content and have that loot handy for the full Outriders experience. More info on modding can be found  on the Outriders Youtube channel. So give the weapons a go. Whether you’re the up close and personal type or prefer to pick enemies off from afar.

Number Eight:

Powers Combat isn’t all about the guns. Oh no! The anomaly storms on Enoch have granted you unique powers, evolving you into a species called "Altered". As you progress, you’ll unlock more and more abilities that are exclusive to each of the four classes.

From scorching waves of flames, to bending time and space, to summoning up an army of aiding assault weapons… to shoving a stone spike through your enemy’s spine- Yeah you get the idea.

Powers are prevalent in the Outriders demo and cooldowns are minuscule Now you won’t have access to all eight powers within the demo You’ll unlock the first four. The latter half coming later in the game. Try mixing up different combinations and see what outcomes you achieve. 10 Reasons Why You Need To Play The Outriders Demo In 2021.

Number Nine:

Create your Outrider A staple of RPGs and let’s face it: The menu you probably spend far too long on is character creation. And, did you know you can change the look of your character on the fly within each camp?

In the full game this means you can evolve your look as you go but even in the demo there’s a camp where you can switch things up. Fancy a new hairstyle or adding a badass piercing? Get customizing.

Number Ten:

Play Aggressive In Outriders, the scared hide and the hesitant die… because the key mechanic in the game is that you need to kill enemies to heal. With powers on tap and four in total that you can switch in and out within the demo and yes – you can even hot swap them mid gameplay –

There’s no shortage of carnage to create on the battlefield. Light them up, slice them in two, employ a turret barrage or crush them into dust…Get out there Outrider.

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