Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look

Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look

Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look. Hi everyone Fahad here, today i tell you about apple M1 the 11 inch and 12.9 inch version of the brand new ipad pro 5th generation the 12.9 inch version gets an all new mini led display and it comes in silver and space gray, now this comes in at a thousand ninety nine and goes all the way up to two thousand, three hundred and ninety nine dollars,

and starts at 128 gigabytes of storage and goes up to two terabytes of storage so you have that huge range of storage options and if you get the one or two terabyte versions you get 16 gigs of ram instead of just eight gigs of ram so basically all the same specs that you get with an m1 macbook pro,

for example along with that apple also released the new magic keyboard in white so we’ll take a look at that so let’s go ahead and unbox these so let’s go ahead and open this and as you can see it’s actually the one terabyte wi-fi and cellular model.

Take The Wrapper

so let’s go ahead and open it up we’ll take the wrapper off here and let’s open the box and here is the ipad itself so it’s space gray like i said we’ll take a closer look at that in just a moment and inside the box you’ve got some paper work here.

it says ipad pro just goes over it like most ipad pros if you have the cellular model you also get a sim card ejector tool and usually there’s some stickers in here and there is so let’s get those out there’s also two white apple stickers in here.

so they’re not color matching anything with this this year you also get a 20 watt adapter with usbc and then also a usb c to usb c charge cable let’s set this aside and take a closer look at the ipad so let’s take the cover off it or the wrapper and this ipad is a little bit larger than last year’s.

1.51 Pounds or 685 Grams

it’s a little bit heavier it’s 1.51 pounds or 685 grams so it’s a little bit heavier than the previous generation so that’s not a huge deal it’s also 2.25 inches or 6.4 millimeters in depth so again slightly thicker about 0.5 millimeters thicker now on the outside edge of course it’s space gray as you can see here it has antenna lines.

because it’s the cellular model and you have three connectors or smart connectors for the magic keyboard for example on the left side there’s not really anything there except for one microphone hole on the bottom you’ve got two speakers there’s four speakers all together.

now you have a thunderbolt port so this is usbc or thunderbolt 3 and you’ve got up to 40 gigabytes a second you’ve also got a 5g antenna here as well and then on the other side you have a sim card tray and then you have your connector and charger for the apple pencil and then your volume buttons on the top.

Two Microphones

you’ve got your power sleep wake you’ve got your two speakers and again two microphones and then your antenna lines for all of the radios and antennas on the back you have the same cameras as you did last year with a 12 megapixel and a 10 megapixel ultra wide and then also 125 degree field of view.

a lidar sensor as well with your microphone array so you’ve got all of those things the front facing camera should be
a little bit different it now has a wider camera as well as a 12 megapixel camera with 122 degree field of view with an f 2.4 aperture this should follow you around when you’re in meetings.

so it can kind of keep track of what’s going on and help you out if you’re not in the frame properly let’s go ahead and turn it on and you’ll see it’s booting up the apple logo is in the correct orientation that usually means it has ios 14.5 or ipad os 14.5 or newer and there we go.

now it says hello now for a quick comparison between the two on the left is the 2020 ipad pro on the right is the
2021 ipad pro they look identical from the back but the thickness is a little bit different so if i set them down you can see there’s a slight thickness difference. Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look.

The Speakers And Magnets

now also to compare the internals with the speakers and magnets this is some magnet paper on the left is the old one so you’ll see the speakers are sort of rounded here and if we go down to the bottom again we have rounded speakers if we move over to the 2021 m1 version.

you’ll see the speakers look a little bit different the magnets are in the same sort of general location but the speakers do look slightly different than they do on the current version versus the previous version so you’ll see round and then sort of an oval speaker here.

now before i set up the new ipad i want to talk about our sponsor paperlike if you’re looking for a screen protector that not only protects your screen but will greatly reduce glare and fingerprints this is for you i’ve been using it on my ipad air as well as an ipad pro for quite some time and you’ll see it drastically reduces glare as well.

The Glare

so if i bring it over to the light here you can see the glare is much less than on the new ipad for example with paper like it also sounds and feels natural when writing so if i go into notes and let me move. the mic so you can hear as you can hear it sounds natural and it’s also easy on the tip of the pencil as well if you’d like to try them out for yourself.

so we’ll set up the ipad pro we’ll just swipe up i’ll select the language i want and i’ll bring my iphone nearby you could bring an old ipad as well tap on unlock to continue and now we’ll just aim the camera there now we’ll simply set that up.

so i first brought my phone near here and then connected the two accounts together you just bring your phone near it and then let’s go ahead and tap on continue and set up face id so we’ll get started and there we go we’ll do it again we’ll hit continue and then we’ll keep going.

we’ll agree to the terms and conditions now we can select to restore from a backup or in this case i’m not going to transfer anything. so we’ll just go ahead and hit continue and we’ll set it up as new we’ll hit continue again as far as keeping your ipad up to date.

we’ll wait just a moment here as far as apple pay i’ll set that up a little bit later in settings and then it’s asking if i want to improve syrian dictation say not now i don’t use screen time and then also app analytics and then get started so now we’re on the home screen. Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look.

The Display

it looks like your typical ipad from here but what makes this ipad a little bit different is the display for one the display so far looks about the same but if you turn it all the way down it goes completely black for the most part especially if you’re on something that has a completely black background it can get darker.

because it has ten thousand local dimming mon or mini leds and that’s what makes this a little bit different so it’s the same 2732 by 2048 as far as the screen resolution with 264 pixels per inch it has 600 nits of max brightness but a thousand nits at the full brightness and then maybe if you’re playing hdr.

it goes up to 1600 nits of brightness has a million to one contrast ratio so let me see if i can show this to you side by side with say a different ipad now on the left i have the 2020 ipad pro and on the right i have the new ipad pro let me go to the brightness.

i’ll turn it all the way down and we’ll turn it all the way down on both let me turn the lights off here now you may or may not be able to see this but with the wallpaper set as black the the pixels on the right are completely black like an oled display.

The Brightness

it’s very dark so it looks a little bit different there if i turn the brightness up let’s go back to brightness and if we go all the way up you can see here you may or may not be able to see it but if i hit cancel and go home the brightness on the one on the right is very vivid and bright and it’s not as bright on the left.

it’s close but it’s definitely noticeable that it goes brighter now another quick thing i wanted to show you is how bright the new display actually can go in hdr as well. we have the option for 4k or 2160p hdr and this is going to be so bright you may not be able to tell the difference. Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look.

The Volume

but generally the new display should go much brighter so i’ll hit play the volume is down and let’s turn the brightness all the way up on both so they’re both hdr displays and there’s a noticeable difference in the highlights behind the tree for example.

so it is brighter it’s very minimal at this point but i think with certain footage maybe from a movie that’s in hdr it could make a big difference now one thing i was curious about is if the new mini led display actually uses pwm and flashes the display so let’s take a look at that now at 240 frames per second in slo-mo.

i don’t see any obvious signs of pwm or pulse width modulation where it flickers the display to control the brightness however that doesn’t mean it’s not at a higher rate it’s just not low enough to pick it up with slow-mo which is a good
thing for most people that are affected by this as it usually wouldn’t bother their eyes if you can’t see it. Best M1 iPad Pro – Unboxing Overview and First Look.

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