Assassin-s Creed Black Flag in 2021- Was It Really That Good

Assassin-s Creed Black Flag in 2021- Was It Really That Good

Assassin-s Creed Black Flag in 2021- Was It Really That Good. before assassin’s creed valhalla was even revealed i set out to replay the entire series last year i fell a little short on my goal but one game stood out above the rest after replaying seven ac games it was clear to me assassin’s creed iv black flag is my favorite of them all.

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this is not an uncommon opinion and i know that lots of people say black flag is their favorite game but going in i did not expect to feel this way afterwards fresh off of replaying the ezio games i assumed i’d be disappointed with all of the ways that black flag changes.

The Formula Less Parkour

the formula less parkour less stealth action no modern day protagonist no doomsday plotline this is where the series shifted some say it began after ezio with assassin’s creed 3 but i like to divide the series by modern day plots where assassin’s creed 1 through 3 is desmond ac4 is their research analyst unity and syndicate is the helix initiate era.

then origins in odyssey is another thing entirely black flag takes what it means to be an assassin’s creed game and flips it on its head it challenges those conventions involving a lot of what we expected from the series up to that point black flag had a lot to prove too it was a cross-gen title,

it had to re-establish the modern day post-desmond and it had to mix things up in a time when people heavily criticized this series for not innovating ubisoft montreal took many risks but came out on the other side with what i feel is one of the most fun ac games still to this day. Assassin-s Creed Black Flag in 2021- Was It Really That Good.

Fixing Calibrating

this pair of legs is john one of the wizards in i.t he’s just fixing something for you not fixing calibrating calibrating right before we dive into the simulation part of the story let’s talk about modern day this was my least favorite part of black flag when it first came out.

the idea that we were employed by abstergo to search through desmond’s memories felt a little too cute to me i thought i’m the protagonist now playing in first person this is ridiculous in 2014 i was still holding on to that desmond
bias really tightly.

Committing To The Direction

i had never known an assassin’s creed game without him so i couldn’t stand the entire concept of the research analyst even after replaying i’m not the biggest fan of the noob but i do have to give ub credit for fully committing to the direction that they chose the sages existing throughout history.

the instruments of will and the revelation that juno is stuck in the gray is genuinely compelling to this day say what you will about the execution but i think these concepts are still solid and since there’s no real present present-day protagonist the focus is fully on jon’s attempt to resurrect.

and unleash juno into the world speaking directly to juno is an incredible moment that stands out compared to the rest of the present-day sequences yubi really had something here in terms of continuing the overarching conflict which makes it even more disappointing. Assassin-s Creed Black Flag in 2021- Was It Really That Good.

Solid Modern Day Story

when you know how juno’s arc ends still you can see the makings of a solid modern day story arc to follow up desmonds and i appreciate that self-contained within this game it does work that being said i don’t think the connection between.

the animus and the modern day is nearly as strong as it was before in the desmond games we’re playing through the important parts of his ancestors memories to find pieces of eden so that the assassins can locate them in present day you don’t know that immediately.

it’s slowly revealed and we fully understand by ac2 but it’s clear we know what’s going on most of the time in black flag the motivation for playing through edward’s memories is less impactful to me you’re told that you’re a research analyst for abstergo’s entertainment products.

Observatory And The Crystal Skull

when in reality you’re being used by the templars to search for precursor sites and pieces of eden specifically the observatory and the crystal skull early on we are recruited by john standish to work with the assassins but we don’t learn until the very end that jon is the sage using us to resurrect juno,

we’re basically this helpless pawn trapped between a rock and a hard place but for some reason juno isn’t strong enough to exist in the physical form so jon’s backup plan is to poison us and use our body as a shell for juno to inhabit abstergo shoots him dead the research analyst survives.

the templars seem to be none the wiser about the assassins or the sage’s involvement the issue for me is that it’s harder to draw a through line between these plots our time in the animus doesn’t feel as relevant in the present
day because we’re not acting on the information.

we’re gathering to further the assassins cause in the desmond games anytime we locate an apple of eden and his ancestors memories that moved the plot forward lucy and the gang actually traveled to the location where the apple was to grab.

Black Flag

it we don’t get that kind of follow through in black flag there is a small bit of dialogue from sean and rebecca about making progress after the credits roll but this just isn’t enough for me i would have liked to see a more active approach maybe we escape abstergo after jon’s death grab his blood.

then meet up with the assassins at the observatory in jamaica to secure the precursor site also the whole juno isn’t strong enough thing feels like a cop-out to string her story over the next several games i understand why ubisoft would want to slowly unravel this plot and if they wanted to do it now was their opportunity,

after desmond’s death but i don’t think it works because this was the sixth game in this series it feels a little like putting the genie back in the bottle or putting the rabbit back into the hat whatever expression you want to use at this point
and it ultimately felt frustrating not seeing meaningful plot movement in the present day,

but this does have the unintended advantage of making me care a lot more about edward’s story so much so that being yanked out of the animus after every sequence is even more jarring that’s a sensation we feel in almost every ac game.

Ancestor Story Line

but here it’s magnified i just wanted to get back to edward and see where he was on his personal journey i found myself caring about the ancestor story line more than any other up to this point and it’s hard for me to complain because of how incredible,

the story is within the animus you have remarkable skills thanks mate it comes natural but your churl is an arrogant prancing around in a uniform that you have not earned everything is permitted isn’t that your motto i absolve you of your errors in havana and else where.

but you are not welcome here edward kenway does not become an assassin until pretty much the very end of the game while we get to where the outfit we’re not exactly on good terms with the brotherhood most of the time this was shocking to me after not touching black flag in years.

The Biggest Criticisms For Assassin’s Creed 3

if you look at the previous games one of the biggest criticisms for assassin’s creed 3 is its lengthy prologue and for some it’s the fact that conor doesn’t get his robes until sequence six edward changes into his in the first 30 minutes so that isn’t a problem.

but he steps into the role in a very non-assassin way he steals the robes after killing an assassin turned templar hoping they would lead him to whatever fortune their former owner was seeking but despite the hood and cloak edward doesn’t earn the chance to become an assassin until the very very end of the game in fact,

he’s exiled by mentor atubai early on for selling out the assassins and leading the templars to their caribbean headquarters with all of this in mind it doesn’t bother me that i never get to play edward as an assassin to me this is
where ubisoft proved that they could deliver a great assassin’s creed game without relying on the assassin fantasy without the ceremony. Assassin-s Creed Black Flag in 2021- Was It Really That Good.

Assassination Missions

the spectacle of what it means to be an assassin sure you still feel that by using the hidden blades and wearing the hood doing assassination missions but so many other parts of black flag are distinctly not assassin and yet it works for many reasons first,

and foremost it’s due to the protagonist and the decision to make black flag a character-driven narrative edward is just the best he’s not driven by revenge at least not in the way that we might attribute to ezio or conor sure he goes after those who wrong him but edward’s primary struggle is with his undying,

thirst for fortune or whatever that means in the golden age of piracy in his nightmares we see that he’s haunted by the guilt of leaving his wife to chase his dreams he spends the next decade making selfish decisions seeking personal gain
at the expense of everyone around him.

he truly does not understand the value of life most of this game edward kills assassins in havana not thinking twice about his actions until he is met with the consequences when he is exiled by atsubai he chases the opportunity of the sage instead of listening to the advice.

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