Google Android 12 – How to Install it on Any Smartphone

Google Android 12 – How to Install it on Any Smartphone

Google Android 12 – How to Install it on Any Smartphone. so i have got tons of questions on how to install latest android 12 on my oneplus 7 is this official or unofficial can i install it on my phone. so yeah in this articl. i’m going to tell you guys how to install latest android 12 beta on your smartphone.

and how to get material u interface see this process is gonna wipe all your data you may get stuck at boot loop some features may not work for you. so make sure to keep a backup and do this on your own risk. yeah i’m not responsible for any dead devices.

Install Gsi

so what you need is a pc a phone with project table support to install gsi that is generic system image and second thing you need is to unlock boot loader you can search how to unlock boot loader for your phone at xga not a hard process there are some files you need to download on your pc.

fast boot and adb gsi there’s one on google’s official website that’s pure aosp not pixel ui this one i’m using is pixel ui ported from pixel 5 by gsi tutorial so oneplus 7 series scored oxygen os 11 recently and it was impossible to get custom recovery working on this device.

but oneplus says always being supportive towards custom stuff and customization. it is really easy to unlock boot loader and install gsi directly from fast boot yeah this works almost on all phones non oneplus 2 second method is to install twrp and then flash gsi.

Custom Recovery

your wish see i was not having any custom recovery and i found this method really easy so i’m gonna show you guys this one the fast boot method which is really easy so universal step make sure to take a backup and again do this on your own risk.

make sure your device boot loader is unlocked boot your device to fast boot mode by pressing a combination of keys open your pc copy paste the gsi in fast boot folder open command prompt and execute the following commands specially for oneplus devices you need to install both boot partition ones you can find boot partition in oxygen.

where swimwear file you can try skipping this step may work without it or else do these steps again and flash it non oneplus users can skip this check now installing the gsi you have to execute this command and this is gonna wipe all your data and install gsi at same time.

this may take 5-10 minutes final step for oneplus users and some non-oneplus users too you need to disable verification and flash vb meta this is a must step you can find vb meta file again in your device firmware soft executing disable verification command.

Get Android 12 On Your Smartphone

now fast boot reboot swear these are simple four commands in order to get android 12 on your smartphone see this method works for me and many users this still does not guarantee you’ll get android 12 booting up on your device because different device got different issues like some need an additional flash file.

but i tested this method on my oneplus 7 pro and xiaomi mi 10 it works super fine pro users can install magisk just install magisk apk copy boot image from your firmware and modify it using magisk apk flash that modified boot image and you will gain root access with magisk in action.

you can install android 12 hidden modules found by k dragon and get all the exciting features of material ui like system-wide themes support huge clock new icons and animation quick setting tiles and much more for the final touch get some nice wallpapers and install kwgt get material view widgets.

and smash them on your home screen in this pixel 5 gsi all features work on my oneplus 7 pro some features may not work for your device so of course you may not use it as your daily driver. Google Android 12 – How to Install it on Any Smartphone.

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